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How to Use Max Hold Sport

The best way to apply Max Hold Sport is to clean the area where you will apply the adhesive with a quick swipe of 99% Alcohol [link to 99% Alcohol product page]. This will remove any residue and keep the application process running smoothly.

Once the scalp is clean, apply Max Hold Sport to the area using our convenient dab-on application method. Wait for the product to dry until it’s no longer tacky, then apply your tape or liquid adhesive of choice over the area and secure the hair system in place.

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How to Clean Your Hair When Using Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a great way to add length, body and volume to your hairstyle with minimal effort and cost. However, many users of hair extensions do not realize that they must adhere to a different hair care regime when wearing extensions.

We know how exciting it is to walk out of the salon with the look you have always dreamed of. Do not let some small oversights ruin your investment and the look you are striving for.

Washing your Hair With Tape-in Hair Extensions

Many people worry that the tape-in hair extensions they are using will release hold when washing their hair. This is a myth that you should definitely ignore!

Good tape-in hair extensions are made with human hair and require the same amount of care as your real hair does. Because you have added layers to your hair, this means you may actually need to spend more time than you are used to washing your hair.

Make sure you work your shampoo and conditioner into every layer of hair evenly, getting from the roots to the ends. This will remove the normal build-up of oils and grease and prevent your hair from drying out.

Many tape-in hair extension wearers use a leave-in conditioner to ensure that their hair stays silky smooth throughout the day. This is especially important when using human hair extensions or if you are in a particularly dry climate.

Drying Your Hair: Don’t Melt those Tape-in Hair Extensions!

It is vital that you discuss proper drying techniques for hair extensions with your stylist when they are applied. You wouldn’t want your investment to fall out because you didn’t heed their advice.

The best way to dry hair extensions is to let them dry naturally. This isn’t always ideal because of the added time needed to air dry when you have put extra layers of hair on your hair.

Very gently towel dry your hair by patting it with a soft towel after washing. You may want to blow dry your hair, but proceed with caution. Remember, you can only blow dry your hair if you have natural hair extensions. Synthetic extensions will melt when exposed to direct heat from a blow dryer or even a gas heater or open stove.

Many hair extension wearers are used to blow drying their hair upside down. This is risky because the tapes used for hair extensions are meant to hold the weight of the extensions, but when upside down must bear added weight and could unintentionally release from your scalp.

If you exercise regularly, you will need to wash your hair more often when wearing hair extensions. Oils and grease can accumulate on and under the tape, which is just plain gross. While this isn’t ideal, you may have to simply reduce the amount of time spent at the gym or out exercising.

Make Sure You Brush

Your stylist is going to tell you that you must brush your hair extensions twice a day. Do not ignore this advice, you will surely regret it and end up spending more time in a salon chair than you want to.

Brushing your hair extensions is much more than running a detangling comb through your hair. You must carefully and gently brush through every layer of hair from root to tip. This takes time but if you want to look your best, it’s worth it.

Brushing your hair carefully and gently will ensure that you don’t develop any dreadlocks. Your hair may begin to tangle together and adhere if you aren’t careful.

If you don’t brush carefully and gently you may end up pulling out a lot of hair, which can be gross and stress inducing. Talk to your stylist about the best brush technique for your hair and extension type.

Keep Your Hair From Tangling Overnight: Tie it Up

Pulling your hair back into a low ponytail, pigtails, or braids before laying down to sleep is the best, perhaps only, way to prevent your hair from turning into a bird’s nest overnight. Make sure it is loose so that you don’t put unnecessary and potentially damaging stress on the tape of your extensions.

Silk or high thread count pillowcases and sheets will reduce the amount of friction you expose your hair to while in bed. This might seem like overkill, but you invested your hard earned money into your new look and you don’t want to ruin it on the first night!

Don’t Go It Alone: Ask Your Stylist

Tape hair extensions can be tough to deal with, but you should always talk with your stylist if you have any questions or concerns. You can end up spending a lot of money, more than you had anticipated, if you don’t heed your stylist’s advice on how to care for your hair extensions. By using the right tape for hair extensions and following a careful maintenance routine, you will ensure you get the most out of your hard-earned investment in your new look!

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How to Brush Tape-In Extensions

When you have tape-in hair extensions, one of the most important things you need to do is to brush your extensions at least twice a day. This will help get rid of the tangles you may have or prevent future tangles from occurring.

You might not know this, but there are a few steps you should be following when brushing your extensions. These steps are to help prevent your wefts from being pulled off.

When brushing your extensions follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Have a firm grasp of your natural hair and extensions near the bottom of the tape tabs.

2. Holding on to your tape tabs, use a wide toothcomb and gently brush your hair starting from the bottom of your tape-in extensions to get the tangles out.

3. While still holding onto your tape tabs firmly, slowly continue moving upwards towards your scalp. You want to be sure that you have a tight grasp around your tape so you don’t snag a tangle and cause a bond to become loose.

4. When you have brushed all of your tangles out, use a looper brush to get in between the bonds. Regular brushes could potentially rip off the bonds, which could be a mess to clean up.

Bonus tips:

Avoid winter static in your extensions by rubbing you hair with a dryer sheet! (You can also place a dryer sheet on your comb or brush to help tame it too)

Before bed, place your hair in a loose, low ponytail or braid. This will prevent it from becoming a rats nest overnight, making it easier to keep your extensions looking great during the day!

If you follow these four steps, your tape-in extensions will be looking soft and tangle free all day, everyday!

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Hair Adhesive Patch Test

The patch test ensures your customer does not react negatively to a particular tape or adhesive.  

  1. Place a small amount of adhesive/tape on an area of sensitive skin.
  2. Put a band-aid over the adhesive/tape and send your customer home for the night.          
  3. Instruct them to remove the band-aid the following day and check for any reaction.  

If there is any redness or irritation, do not use the product on that particular client.  Also, check to make sure that the bond didn’t release from the skin.  If no irritation occurred and the bond was secure, you can use that product with confidence.