LACEFX Tape Rolls Double-sided Tape for Lace Wig & Hair Extensions


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Lace wigs offer a special challenge for adhesion to the scalp.

The fine nature and porosity of the wig base material does not have a large enough surface area for proper adhesion.

A very strong, yet easily removable tape material is needed. LACEFX™ is made for use on the front of the hairpiece to seamlessly blend into the hairline.

It has a high adhesive mass that provides excellent gap-filling properties and has exceptionally high tack for surface adhesion. It is an extended wear bonding tape that can be easily removed.

As with the other tapes of our line, it is a medical adhesive and is hypo-allergenic.

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Weight 0.4 kg

1"X 36 YARDS, 3/4"X 36 YARDS


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